About Beyond

In both SFF and comics, there’s a long tradition of allegorical and subtextual queerness—using the trappings of genre to code characters and themes as queer while keeping them superficially straight enough not to make waves, or queering them in ways tied to their general otherness, like gender-flexible shapeshifters or gay aliens from single-sex species. It’s better now than it was in even the recent past, but we want more.

We want to see people like us as heroes—slaying dragons, piloting spaceships, getting into trouble, and saving the day—without having to read their queerness from between the lines. We want to see beautifully crafted stories, in the mediums and genres we love, that reflect and celebrate our own experiences of gender and sexuality—and a spectrum far beyond.

So we’ve decided to do it ourselves. We’re assembling, crowdfunding, and publishing an anthology of the comics we want to read: science fiction and fantasy exploring and showcasing queer characters, themes, and relationships, from a broad spectrum of world-class creators.

Beyond, a black-and-white, comics-size anthology of roughly 20 original science fiction and fantasy comics (and maybe some illustrated prose), hits the shelves in 2014.

-Rachel Edidin & Sfé Monster, Editors